So much for global warming being beneficial


the goverment said that hurricane sandy was cause from global warming did you see the movie day after tomorrow? well the way the weather is going we are going to be in that movie i can swim can you? because if you can’t your going to drown from the floods the weathermen are using words like unusual strange etc that should all give us forwarned is forearmed


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  1. Thanks for re-blogging this. You may find this explanatory note (which I have just added to my original post) helpful.

    I know this chart is complicated but, the important bit is the blue line with ’35′ next to it. The top right corner of the graph (beyond this line) is therefore what you could call the “death zone” and the higher the Dry Bulb temperature (vertical lines in green) the lower the Relative Humidity (curves in red) required to enter it.

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